Thursday, November 12, 2009

Got me a baby bump.

Well I went to the doc today. The baby is doing good. Got to hear the heart beat today it was very strong. Now the doc says alls I gotta do is gain some weight. I've lost about 15 pounds in the last month. But I've gained 2 back. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. Mike really has his heart set on a boy. Well gotta go.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coming up north!

So excited about coming up north to visit! Seems like it's been forever since i seen my family! In all reality it's only been 7 months. I'm such a homebody! Anyhow nothing new going on here. Still working at Wendys. Mike lost his job at the airport so now he's working at Wendys too. Just lovely. I think we should be in part ownership by now, I mean I've worked there for like forever. Anywho been keeping busy. I've made a few friends down here in FL. One of them is always getting herself into trouble. Matter of fact she called me tonight at like 10:00p.m. and asked if I could take her mom down to a bar to pick up her car (not her moms car but my friends car) cause she couldn't drive it home. I don't see why they have to get theirseleves in these crazy situations. Now alls she's going to get is a lousy hangover in the morning all for just a couple of drinks. And she tells me that her and her husband are trying to get pregnant. Now if that was me I would be doing everything possible to not affect my baby if I was pregnant. Even if I didn't know if I was, if I was just trying. I don't understand people sometime. Obviously she must not know how hard it is to loose a baby. Anyhow she's my friend she just needs a good kick in the seat of her pants. I'm sure thats how my dad would resolve the problem! LOL. Well I'm just waiting for Michael to get home from work. So I thought I'd finally update this thing. Until next time, tootaloo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just A Lost Sinner

Just a lost sinner that is hell ward bound Is there any forgiveness to be found. I cried "Dear Jesus I have committed many so many sins." But he replied "Nothing is too much for me to cleanse." All's I wanted to do was have a little fun, But now look at what my life has become. "I know for I have been watching you from the sky, But you see Daughter that is why I came to earth to die. I died on that cross for you that day, And I paid the price that had to be paid." "But Jesus my sins go so very deep, This mountain to climb is much too steep." "Daughter just come and take my hand. I will lead you the way, you can take the stand." "But God what will my friends think, I mean the religious way is very bleak. You can't do this, you can't do that, I will be called a religious maniac." "Now Daughter, do you really care what other people say I mean this is your future, you must not delay. One day you will have children to raise. Do you want them to grow up and not know the old fashion way?" Do you want your children to go to hell, Because you just wanted to sin and rebel?" "Oh God I've been so selfish and only thinking of me, But this is my children and what their life will be." I fell to my knees, and sobbed out my heart. "I want to serve you Jesus, and make a new start. I do not care what other people say, For this is my family, and I will raise them the right way." Now a humble servant that is Heaven Bound, Forgiveness and peace is what I found.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holidays UGH!

Well heres the latest. I lost the baby. Something was wrong and it died. I guess we might try again next year. Anyhow I'm working at Wendys, and riding a bike to work. Michael lost his job and we couldn't pay our insurance this month so I'm stuck riding a bike to work. It only takes me about 25 min so it's not too bad. Michael did get a job with the Salvation Army ringing a bell. It's not much but it's a job for 6 weeks, so hopefully he'll be about to find something different here soon. I can't believe the Holidays are already here. I'm not looking forward to them. Mikes family always make a bunch of food that I don't like. And everytime I offer to bring something (so I don't starve) they always say no they don't need anything else. They have it planned just how they want it and if his mom didn't think of the idea, then it's stupid and definitly not going to happen. So I tried to volunteer to work Thanksgiving and Christmas but would you believe it Wendys not opened them two days. Just my luck. So it looks like I'm stuck with the in-laws and their nasty food. Mike told me just to make something and not ask or tell them. So I think I might. I've found out theres several sneaky things I can do to get under my in-laws skin and they can;t say a word about it. Hahaha!!! I'm so evil! I'd like to come up north for the Holidays but it's just not going to happen. Hopefully I'll make it up in the spring. Well I need to get some stuff done. Later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The wows of having in-laws!

Wow I hadn't been here but one day and my sis-n-law says I have all kinds of baby stuff from Maddie (my husbands neice) and you can have it all. I was like wow thanks. So I'm getting all this girl stuff, so I'm really hoping I have a girl. Then today my mother-n-law went shopping and comes home and says "I think I missed your B-day so I bought you some maternity clothes." Which was very nice because alls I have is buttoned stuff and I'm getting too fat to wear them. I need elastic stuff. So if I keep getting stuff given to me just cause I'm pregnant I might enjoy this being prgnant after all. Now that I've pretty much quit getting sick everyday, all day. All's I do now is eat, sleep, and eat more! Haha. Actually I started power-walking for one mile everyday. The doctor says it'll make me healthier and stronger and keep me in shape. I'm hoping so. It makes it easier to walk when you have several blocks you can walk, plus sunshine, and warm weather! I'm lovin this warm weather! Well I'm feelin really hungry. Gotta go!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just moved to Florida

Well Mike and I just moved to Cape Coral, FL. yesterday. And boy did we have some crazy experiences while moving. Starting out we got a really huge truck. We got everything packed in and realized we had enough room to fit a car in the back (which is illegal to do). But guess what we did. You know gas is really exspensize so we could save a lot of money. I mean were talking 1200 miles we're about to travel. So yep we loaded our nice car in the back of this penske truck. It took us forever to get it in. The back of the truck was about 4 foot off the ground so we backed the truck up to a hill, got some boards, and rolled that baby up them boards, and bam we're stuck halfway up the ramp. The front of the car was in the truck but it was so steep it took the front wheels off the boards and our car happened to be front wheel drive. So yep were now stuck. So we had to jack the back of the car up and finally we got it in. So were on our way. We were so scared we were going to get caught, but we made it all the way to florida. Now were here, unloaded, and really tired.